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Wooden Fence

A wooden fence can provide a beautiful and functional addition to any home. Our wood fence building and installation services in Miami offer a variety of features that can enhance the overall appeal and functionality of your property. We install different styles of high-quality, pressure treated wooden fences to suit your preferences, such as a board-on-board fence, or shadowbox fence.

One of the benefits of wooden fences is their durability, as they can last for decades with proper maintenance. Regular maintenance, such as staining or sealing, can help prevent rot, insect damage, and other types of wear and tear. Our licensed and insured Miami fence installers use high-quality materials, provide guidance on fence maintenance, and work with precision to build a fence that will not only look great but also stand the test of time.

  • Increased Privacy
  • Added Security
  • Lasting & Durable
  • Easy To Maintain
miami wood fence installation

Our Different Wooden Fence Styles

We offer a variety of wooden fence styles that can enhance your home’s beauty and functionality

shadow box fence installation

A shadowbox fence style features alternating panels that overlap slightly, creating a visually appealing design that offers both privacy and airflow

board on board wood fence in miami

A board-on-board fence style is characterized by overlapping vertical boards that create a solid and seamless appearance, providing maximum privacy and noise reduction

A horizontal wood fence style showcases sleek, modern lines and a contemporary aesthetic, adding a unique and stylish touch to your home while maintaining privacy

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Benefits Of A Wooden Fence For Your Home

We believe that a wooden fence is an excellent investment for any homeowner. Our Miami wooden fence installation services provide an added level of privacy and security to your property, creating a safe and secure space for your family. With the constant noise of traffic and other sources of outdoor noise, a wooden fence can act as a natural sound barrier, reducing the amount of noise that reaches your property. Another significant benefit of a wooden fence is its easy maintenance -with regular cleaning your wooden fence can maintain its beauty for many years to come.

Our wooden fences are highly durable, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist outside damage. We use high-quality, pressure treated wood to ensure that your fence is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance.

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